the temptation of st antony

by four larks

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THE TEMPTATION OF ST ANTONY premieres in a secret location in LOS ANGELES in FEBRUARY 2015

tickets and more information @


released December 4, 2014



all rights reserved


four larks Los Angeles, California

four larks make junkyard operas in secret locations.

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Track Name: the extravagant entourage of the queen of sheba
I’ve been long a traveling/I’ve crossed every sea (ahhhh)
And all this long way I’ve been calling for thee (ermite) 
All through the night and day my love, my heart is ever hun-----gry

(Antony stays quite still, stiff as a rod, and as pale as death)
O the splendid gifts I bring!
Wine from the horn of a unicorn, Powder of gold from Babylon
To make you fair when you’re my king,
islands covered in mother of pearl
I have gifts from every land
a menagerie of animals, lions and steeds,
The world unravels in your hand
The grapes that Tantalus never will reach....
(She catches a hold of his beard)
Lean closer darling to receive
the treasure map, the master key
You only have to reach for me
To feel the flesh of history
“Ah! Fine hermit! I have plenty of other things besides, so there! I have armies, I have peoples! In my lobby I have a guard of dwarfs shouldering ivory trumpets! She performs a pirouette!
Look me in the eyes.”
Despite himself, Antony looks.  

I am the song and the seed and the spring
I am the spark that starts everything burning
(She surrounds and besieges him ;and he feels a burning contraction in the pit of his stomach. Despite the uproar in his head, he is aware of a huge silence which cuts him off from the world.  He tries to speak: impossible!)
Come closer to see how your appetite is growing
Open your eyes to desire descending
Stretch out your hands and come to me for a life that’s unending----
Track Name: the invocation of the ophites, the summoning of the serpent
Do you want to see the face?
Do you want to see the star?
Ennoia! Ennoia! / ennoia! ennoia!
The one who bled and birthed the dawn?
Come out of your cavern/Step into the morn
(come out of your cavern)
Sophia! Sophia / sophia sophia!
The First Word! (nya nya nya nya)
The light of the dawn!
Here is where the truth lies/wrapped in reeds with face of stone
 Worn away by time and trouble/Kissed by centuries

Come out of your cavern/the day is dimming
The truth is back at the beginning
Beginning beginning/
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah AH AH AH
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
C-c-c-c-c-c-c COME OUT!
She will not be/not be known
Here is the face/the face you dream
Here is the truth/the start of things
Here is the the the the the the the
Tru-oo oo ooo oo oo oo oo oooooo----)
Enoia Enoia Enoia Enoia
I am the word/I am the face
I am the light in endless space
I am the spark who lights the sky
I am the gleam in all men’s eyes
I am dead at nights and awake in the morn
I will ever be reborn
I am the song and the seed and the spring
I am the spark that starts everything burning
Track Name: the dauntless martyrdom of the gymnosophist
Running rats/burning flow’rs/ spark up spark/ o burning cinders/sink with me to the dark of night/beyond the flame/and out of sight/I have seen/most everything/the stars have now all ceased to sing/there’s nothing/there’s nothing/more to see/there is nothing/just flame and tree/the end consumes/all beginnings/the horizon’s but a dream
Track Name: the perfect facsimile of the face of cybele
( sleep no more! sleep no more!
fling blood like flow'rs!
beautiful! beautiful! )

c u t up my body and s c o u r my skin
wash in my blood d e v o u r your sins
ne'er shall we part ! ne'er will there be grieving
the p a s s a g e of t i m e is d e s i r e un- e n d i n g

the dream and the shadow will outlive the living
Track Name: the manifestation of primordial figures whose bodies are nothing but their image
the sky is raining scales and wings
carapace, skin, and strange skeletons
carry me off far from my sadness
into the storm of the great abyss 
cut from the sky o my sillouette's lifting
o the dream and the shadow will outlive the living

Rise up rise up! shed your skin/rend your hide
Burst with blooms of green and blue rise up/rise up
my body/is sprung anew
Oooooo/your flesh will sprout your bones undo
Rise up! Rise up! Oooo oooo / Oooo oooo

I am the song and the seed and the spring I am the spark that starts everything burning